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Smart, resilient and sustainable cities for everyone

About 70 percentage of Iran's population and about 60 percentage of the world's population urbanize that brings many opportunities and threats. To confronting with the consequences of this process, it is necessary to design and implement effective policies and programs at local to international levels; An important topic to be dealt by the International Golden Adobe Award. This year  the fourth period of the award after two years of interruption, At the same time with “World Cities Day” alongside executives of the top urban projects across Iran and the world will be held. The Tehran Golden Adobe Award is a global-local award for urban management and a comprehensive, scientific and non-profit project that specializing in introducing and supporting top international urban management projects and sharing best urban management experiences. The Tehran Golden Adobe Award by the municipality of Tehran, city managers and referee committee honors the best projects and experiences in cities, regions and local communities around the world and its purpose is to recognize the importance of local governments and urban management in promoting the social, economic, urban environment, sustainability of cities, and advancing citizens' lives. This year's award on the septett lines of management and development that including resiliency, sustainability and sustainable urban development, citizen participation and cultural and social development of the city, architecture, urban development, cultural heritage and urban recreation, smart and human-focused creative city, resource management, investment, entrepreneurship, employment and city economy, the development of infrastructure, public transport and utilities and the promotion of local governance, urban planning and management will be held. It is worth mentioning; participation in Tehran Golden Adobe Award for all cities, urban areas, local governments from around the world is possible, of course top urban projects and experiences should be eligible and have the conditions to enter the Tehran Golden Adobe Award Contest including having a project or experience completed and finished, Location of projects implementation or experience within cities or suburbs, Have a business or experimental pattern in one of the call lines, Implemented directly by local mnicipalities and organizations or with their effective participation by private, public or government sectors and it should not be more than five years from the completion or operation of the projects. Also, to be registered in the project call must be approved by the municipality or the responsible executive organization of urban management in each city. According to the Shahrnevesgt report, Those who are interested in participating in this award, for more information, can visit the Tehran Golden Adobe world award site with this address http://tehrangoldenadobe.com.