The Second Tehran Golden Adobe Award -2015

The closing ceremony took place on October 31, tied in with World Cities Day, in Tehran’s Media Center at Goft-e Gou Park.

The awards were granted to the following projects:

Foreign winners:

1- 4℃ cooler: using green infrastructure to build a climate resilient and prosperous, Melbourne, Australia

2- Lisbon local development strategy for neighborhoods or areas of priority intervention (BIP/ZIP), Lisbon, Portugal

3- Anti-corruption clean construction system, Seoul, South Korea

4- Community intervention teams for young adults aged 20–29 with criminal behavior, Stockholm, Sweden

5- Promotion of healthy lifestyle, sport activities and sport infrastructure development, Kazan, Russia

6- Integrating data and monitoring utilities in a truly intelligent system, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7- Socially inclusive zero carbon neighborhood transformation, Hamburg, Germany

8- Public bike sharing, Hangzhou, China

9- Overall practice of virtual care enhancing elderly care at home, Helsinki, Finland

10- City of Tshwane free WI-FI, Pretoria, South Africa

11- Hundred smart cities in India, New Delhi, India

Domestic winners:

12- Family Garden at Amir Kabir Blvd., Shiraz, I.R. Iran

13- The old square complex and Jameh Atiq Mosque renovation and improvement plan, Isfahan, I.R. Iran

14- Idea City, Mashhad, I.R. Iran

15- Atiq project, Tabriz, I.R. Iran

16- Martyrs of Persian Gulf Lake, Tehran, I.R. Iran

17- Qasr Garden Museum, Tehran, I.R. Iran

18- “A Gallery As Big As a Town”, Tehran, I.R. Iran

19- Subway Line 3, Tehran, I.R. Iran

20- Lady of neighborhood in waste segregation, Tehran, I.R. Iran

21- Specialized Technology Park, Tehran, I.R. Iran

22- Community-based door-to-door and social nocturnal visits, Tehran, I.R. Iran

 23- Empowerment female head of household, Tehran, I.R. Iran

24- “Guest of Tehran” innovative urban tourism, Tehran, I.R. Iran