The First Golden Adobe Award -2014

In the ceremony which was held for the first time in Iran, upon the initiative of the Communication and International Affairs Center of Tehran Municipality and with the collaboration of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme, the “Golden Adobe” award which had been designed on the occasion of October 31, the World Cities Day, was unveiled and the award was presented for the first time to three top urban projects in Tehran. 

The awards of the first round: 

• Golden Adobe Award in the area of urban infrastructure went to ‘Maziar Hosseini’, technical assistant of Tehran municipality for the construction of Niayesh tunnels. 

• Golden Adobe Award in the field of social and cultural projects for the development of urban tourism went to Mr.Nurian ‘CEO of bridge Nature in Tehran's Abbasabad region. 

• Golden Adobe Award in the field of green space development project went to ‘Mr. Ali Mohammad Mokhtari’ CEO of Parks and Green Spaces of Tehran Municipality for the Persian Garden project. ;