Submission Process

Golden Adobe Submission Process

Golden Adobe Submission Process 

• Submission and participation in the Golden Adobe mean that participants fully accept its rules and procedures

•  Submitters shall be responsible for the truth and validity of their submissions by introducing an official person..

• Submitters are encouraged to complete the registration form and send it to the Golden Adobe Secretariat before September 20 so that the secretariat could follow up and provide assistance where necessary.

• Submissions for the Golden Adobe shall be in accordance with requirements set in the application guidelines.

• Electronic submissions should be made in English, using Times New Roman font ranging from 12 to 14 sizes.

• An optional copy in a language other than English may be included together with the compulsory English version.

• All submissions and supporting materials received will be acknowledged and will not be returned to the submitters.

• The organizers reserve the right to publish submissions, wholly or partially, to further promote urban management.

• Submitters should include articles, photographs, videos, maps, and graphic materials as an integral part of their submission.

• Apart from the written report and supporting materials, submitters are encouraged to provide multimedia materials on DVD/CD or by email.