Tehran Golden Adobe Award

Tehran Golden Adobe, Tehran Glocalization Award is a comprehensive, scientific and nonprofit plan that specializes in the field of introduction and support of superior international urban management projects and the exchange of superior urban management practices.

Tehran Golden Adobe is awarded to the best projects and practices in cities, regions and communities throughout the world, and aims at recognizing the importance of local governments and urban management in promoting the social and economic environment and the sustainability of cities and regions and improving the living condition of citizens.

Concurrent with the annual ‘World Cities Day’ ceremonies, Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award as the only comprehensive and reference award for urban development and management is handed out by Tehran Mayor to top urban managers and citizens who are most influential on the basis of evaluation of the Jury in implementation of key and sustainable urban development projects.

The importance of such innovations and initiatives in the field of urban development and management, especially in the post-New Urban Agenda 21, as well as the document on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), can play an important role in promoting the livability of cities and the citizens’ quality of life.

The theme for this year's Tehran Golden Adobe Award is the creation of "smart, resilient and livable cities for all."