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About Award

Golden Adobe, Tehrans global award for urban management, is a comprehensive, scientific, and non-profit initiative which concentrates on introducing and supporting the top international urban management projects as well as exchanging the experiences of the urban management.

Award Topics

Tehran Golden Adobe Award focuses on seven topics of urban development

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Award Structure

The organizing committee is responsible for planning and forming activities of Tehran Golden Adobe award

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Award Ceremony

Concurrent with World Cities Day, all the 21 projects and practices which have reached the final stage will be applauded

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Jury and Selection Process

The Jury shortlists 21 candidates in the first round of evaluation then, based on the award’s topics, up to seven superior practices or projects will be announced

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Submission Process

Submission and participation in the Golden Adobe Award mean that participants fully accept the rules and procedures

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Thechnical panels are a set of sideline meetings during the ceremony of the 3rd Tehran global award for sharing the participants’ experiences

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Message of H.E. Dr. Pirouz Hanachi

Mayor of Tehran and Honorary Chairman of Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award

The world today is passing through a very important historical stage. The evolution of urbanization has led to the emergence of densely populated cities and fabrics. The highest growth in urbanization in the coming decades is related to developing countries. This great transformation is both an opportunity and a very serious threat.

A host of challenges and problems such as the provision of essential services, health and education, welfare and wellbeing of the urban population, requires sustainable development to devise new plans. These challenges, together with the global climate change issue, have faced local governments with special sensitivities. In the coming years, the emergence and outbreak of new social and political forces in the developing

countries will test decentralization and democracy in various ways so that alongside re-urbanization, human settlements, governance and local governments will become more important.

Golden Adobe Award

Tehran’s global award for urban management will be handed to the best projects and practices in the cities, regions and local communities worldwide. Its objective is to recognize the importance of local government and urban management in promoting the socio-economic environments, sustainability of cities and regions, and improving the livability of the citizens.





Oct24 The deadline for project registration and document submission
Created by Admin5ir18/321 on 10/24/2019 9:02:18 AM

Tehran Golden Adobe Award Secretariat Office has...
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Oct13 Registration Deadline Extention Of The 4th Tehran Golden Adobe Award
Created by Admin5ir18/321 on 10/13/2019 10:15:06 AM

The Secretary of the 4th Tehran Golden Adobe Award has Annouced: Due to participants...
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Sep23 It is possible to take part in the Tehran Golden Abode Global Award for all cities, Urban areas and local governments
Created by Admin5ir18/321 on 9/23/2019 3:21:01 PM

Tehran municipality announces that is possible to participate in Tehran Golden Adobe world award for...
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Sep15 Smart, resilient and sustainable cities for everyone
Created by Admin5ir18/321 on 9/15/2019 1:59:14 PM

About 70 percentage of Iran's population and about 60 percentage of the world's population urb...
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